Preparing BOM for JLC

In order for JLCPCB to accept your BOM file, these instructions must be followed

Open the Fabrication Outjob from the Projects Tab:


Double-click "Bill of Materials" to open the options menu - Select "Columns" under the Properties tab and hide all columns except for:

"Line #", "Name", "Description", "Designator", "Quantity", "JLCPCB Part #":


Click the "General" tab and make sure the file type is .csv:

In the blue box on the right, select "Generate Content" under "Fabrication Files":

Open BOM in software of your choosing "I will be using Notepad++":

In the header, change "Name" to "Footprint" and change "Description" to "Comment":

Save the BOM, rename it so it makes sense, and upload to JLC