Meeting Minutes

How to create meeting minutes?

  1. Click the “+” sign beside this page. It should say “Create a child page.”

  2. On the right side of the page, under “Templates,” navigate to the search bar and search for “Meeting notes.”




Step 1


Step 2

Action Items and Decisions Automatic Syncing

Before meeting be sure to check out the Meeting Minutes Summary page to see an overview of all incomplete tasks and previous decisions made.

Action items added in the meeting minute pages automatically show in the meeting minutes summary!!

Decisions added in the meeting minute pages also automatically show the meeting minutes summary!!

Tips for Writing Meeting Minutes

  • Be specific and provide context for yourself and others reading in the future

  • Use @ (person’s names) for participant list and mentions

  • Use the discussion topics table to keep track of meeting topics

  • Reread the minutes briefly after the meeting. Short edits now go a long way later

  • Reread the previous meeting minutes before starting the new meeting